‘Camino’ team with Pradeep Khadka looking for location in the Philippines

Half of the shooting of Pradeep Khadka starrer ‘Camino’ will be done in the Philippines. For location shooting, director Deepak Wali along with Pradeep and the producer are currently in the Filipino jungle and island. Pradeep said that the ‘shooting’ of the jungles and islands of the South American country will be shot in the Philippines. “Especially the story of a journey to a South American country is about to be shot there. In this regard, an attractive location is being searched for,” he said.

He said that the Philippines was chosen because it would be uncomfortable to film this part in South America. By doing this, it became easy for all the cast and crew to come and it didn’t seem to be expensive either. Having the same location made it easier for us,” said Pradeep. However, since the monsoon has started in the Philippines, the hunting work has been affected.

Shooting is planned in Balesin and Iloilo islands in the Philippines. The team is preparing to go to Brazil next month to find the remaining locations. Although the shooting was supposed to start in April, the filming was also affected due to the delay in visa and other procedures. This film is on a larger scale. The challenge is how much work I can do. I am excited about the project,” said Pradeep. The ‘Prem Geet’ famed actor has two films in the lineup with Santosh Sen and Dinesh Raut.

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