Deepak Raj Giri wrote on Facebook targeting Paul’s controversy; ‘the same people who made you god yesterday have made you demons now’

Famous actor and model Paul Shah was in jail due to an incident and there was huge public support for him. Protests to blood donation were organized in the streets demanding his release. When he returned to normal life after spending a year in jail, those who supported him earlier are now abusing him in a trivial manner on social media. 

Recently, he narrated his experience of prison life in ‘What the Flop’ show with a happy expression. After the series was controversially removed from YouTube, Paul wrote a long status on Facebook on Monday evening and objected to being called a rapist even though the court had cleared it. He asked that ‘should we write rapist on our foreheads and leave the country or should we go to Ratnapark and commit self-immolation’?

While arguments are going on about Paul’s status, artist and producer Deepak Raj Giri made a meaningful comment on him and mentioned that the same people who made gods yesterday have made monsters now. He wrote on Facebook, ‘Yesterday it was seen that you were made God. Looking at you today, you have become a monster, my friend. That’s why I don’t believe in insults and praises on Facebook.’

It can be understood that Deepak Raj suggested Paul not to get involved in Facebook applause and insults. He is the victim of it. Every one of his Facebook posts is either applauded or insulted. However, he has taken it for granted. Applause and abuse on social media are both considered dangerous. However, most artists enjoy applause and are afraid of abuse.

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