‘Kati Sahro Suhako’ song from the movie ‘Kaidiko Patra’ released (Video)

Sanam Kumar Bairag directed film ‘Kaidiko Patra’ song ‘Kati Sahro Suhako’ has been released on Monday through the OSR Digital YouTube channel.

The song has vocals by Anju Pant and Sagar Ale, lyrics by Sanam Kumar Bairag and music by Suresh Century. Actress Salina Thapa has danced in the song.

Director Sanam said that the film shows the ups and downs of people who can not handle the happiness they get in their lives.

The entire shooting of this film has been done in Scotland. The film stars Kunal Biswa, British actress Maddison Lazarus, Salina Thapa Magar, Prithviraj Khatri, Suvarna Thapa, Manish Shrestha and others. Dil Ghale, Nani Bairag, Kailash Bishwakarma and Hiral Joshi are the producers of the film.

Cinematography by Rameshwar Karki has been edited by Arjun G.C.

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