The shooting of ‘Hashtag Maya’ was prolonged when Namrata raised a controversy

The unit of the film “Hashtag Maya” has returned to Kathmandu after completing the shooting of Bardia. Actress Namrata Shrestha is working as the main heroine of this film. The shooting of the film, which was supposed to be completed in 45 days, has not yet been completed.

According to the information received, the shooting was extended after Namrata requested the production side of the film to remove some members of the technical side of the film. However, Namrata is not the only one who created trouble in this film. She has expressed her dissatisfaction with the production side in some of her earlier films.

It is understood that even during the shooting of this film, Namrata repeatedly told the production side of the film to remove the technicians working in the art genre and in the costume genre. Because of this, the shooting schedule of the film has been extended. After the completion of the Bardia schedule of this film, the shooting is going on in Kathmandu. Then its final schedule is kept in Dharan. At the beginning of this film, the name was given as ‘Graham’. However, as the shooting of the film could not start at the scheduled time, the contracted actor Binay Shrestha withdrew his hand.

Namrata’s habit of creating controversies by bringing out something or the other on the sets of film has caused problems for the producer. Producers have to spend a lot of money to make a film. Moreover, the artist’s side has always affected the producer.

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