Barsha in a bold avatar in the song ‘Tuki Jhyaap’ of ‘Ganapati’

Two films ‘Ganapati’ and ‘Aincho Paincho’ will be screened together from the 14th of Bhadra. Interestingly, actor Mukun Bhushal is playing the lead role in both the films. And, there is a competition between the teams of these two films to release the promotional material. The teaser of ‘Aincho Paincho’ was released on Friday afternoon. In the evening, the song ‘Tuki Jhyaap’ of film ‘Ganapati’ has been released. 

Nishan Bhattarai, Anish Adhikari and Rachana Rimal have vocals in the song, which was released during a program in Kathmandu, while Anish Adhikari has written and composed the song. Babul Giri arranged the song. In the video of the song, actress Barsha Siwakoti is dancing in a bold avatar. She is supported by Mukun Bhushal. The audio aspect of the song is strong.

During the filming of this song, a fire broke out in the lab of the Film Development Institute in Balaju. As a result, the producer has lost millions of rupees. Later, a new set was prepared and the song was shot. Directed by Sabin Adhikari, ‘Ganapati’ will show the difference between God in the form of faith and human beings present on earth. 

Apart from Mukun Bhusal, Menuka Pradhan, late Jayanand Lama, Kabita Neupane, Suryamala Sharma, Prakash Ghimire, Rajaram Poudel, Puskar Gurung, Anshu Maharjan, Kalu Rana, Tika Bhakti Jirel, Devendra Bablu, Sushil Pokharel and others are also acting in the film. The presenter of the film is Ram Prasad Rijal, the producer is Laxman Rijal and the executive producers are Bigyan KC and Aravindra Giri.

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