Biplav’s curiosity with Deepak: How has the artist taken the current politics?

Actor and film producer Deepak Raj Giri has met CPN General Secretary Netra Bikram Chand Biplav. After being called by Biplav, actor Giri reached the CPN office in Buddhanagar. During the half-hour meeting, they chatted about politics and films.

Giri said that there was a discussion between them about the current contemporary politics rather than the principles and ideas of the party. “He wanted to understand how the artist has taken the current politics and how the existing problems can be solved,” Giri told Reporters.

‘I suggested that I am also a person interested in politics and that the political system and conduct should be improved,’ said Giri, ‘I went alone after being called for gossip.”

Sharing the picture after the meeting with Biplav, Deepak has written the status of the non-political meeting and the country at the center of the conversation. Actor Giri is among the actors who are interested in contemporary politics. His latest film ‘Chakkapanja 4’ satirized the current political trends, while ‘Wada No. 6’ presented the story of how families and society are divided due to politics.

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