Shree Krishna Luitel’s (Boke Dari) new song ‘Saya Rupiya Poka’ (Video)

The popular singer Shree Krishna Luitel, who also created the image of a comedian, ‘Boke Dari’ has once again come to the attention of the audience through his new song.

Luitel, who has been established as an artist skilled in spreading public awareness through songs and music, has released a song titled ‘Saya Rupiya Poka’ this time. This song, which sounds like a comic satire, also portrays the reality of society. In this awareness song, a hurtful message is attempted to be given at the end of the song by discussing lemons.

Singer Luitel’s words and music can be heard in this song. Suraj Shrestha is the music coordinator for this song. This song was recorded at Beats Studio in Biratnagar.

The music video for this song has become attractive which is Edited by Mr. B13. Filmed by BS Studio, Itahari, the video of this song features Shree Krishna Luintel, Chhabi Bairagi, Puran Rai, Rup Narayan Shrestha, Kalpana Pandey, Sangita Yadav, Gita Koirala, Anand Basnet, Rajan Chhetri, Kushal Pradhan, Rabina Pradhan, Nirajan Shrestha, Nawaraj Khadka, Sanjay Rai, Anand Basnet, Zyotika Bhujel and child actor Prasansha Pokharel.

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