Saugat Malla signed ‘Kotparva’ after ‘Agastya’

Versatile actor Saugat Malla is now at the height of his career. After the success of ‘Dui Nambari’ and ‘Kabaddi 4’ last year, his demand is at a peak. Now it is known that he has a dozen films in his pipeline. Only a few days ago, he completed the shooting of the first phase of the film ‘Agastya’. Now, after he has gained 10 kg weight, the second phase of the film will be shot.

Before the second phase of ‘Agastya’, he is completing the shooting of the film ‘Hattichaap’ in Shrawan. Meanwhile, he has signed a new film deal. On Wednesday, he was signed for the film ‘Kotparva’ which is being made under the direction of Rimesh Adhikari. He signed the film after liking the story and character. He has given time for the film for next Chaitra.

The movie is going to be made based on the Kotparva (the second biggest massacre in the history of Nepal) that pushed Nepal under the 104-year Jahanian despotic Rana rule. Kotparva raised Jung Bahadur Rana as a powerful ruler. Later he also became the Prime Minister of Nepal. 11 Chautarias, 6 Pandeys, 3 Thapas and 11 Regional Bharadars were brutally murdered in Kotaparva.

It is speculated that Saugat may have been signed for the role of Jung Bahadur in ‘Kotparva’. The director has not given any information about this. Director Adhikari informed that the entire post-production work of the film, which is being made under the joint banner of Rimesh Adhikari Films Production and Shreet Films and Entertainment, will be done at the studio in Mumbai.

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