Saroj Khanal’s announcement of showing free ‘Bagan’ to single women

Actor and director Saroj Khanal has announced that he will show the film ‘Baagan’ for free to single women of the country. At the press conference held to release the trailer, Khanal said that the story of the film is also based on a single woman, so this decision was made for their respect.

Actor Khanal said that the film will also introduce the story that single women should be empowered educationally. In the film, I have educated my mother. When the mother is educated, the daughter is also educated. The film is completely about education,” he said. Talking about her role in the press conference, actress Manandhar said that she has worked in such a role for social change.

“Even if she plays a small role in social change, it will be considered an achievement of the film,” said Manandhar, “We have tried to closely observe the role of the mother in this.” The film is releasing on Asadh 29.

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