The producers’ union has given a warning to stop the shooting of the film after the salary increase of the actors and technicians

Kathmandu: The Film Producers Union has become angry after the decision to increase the wages of film actors, dancers, technicians and equipment dealers. Chairman Nawal Khadka has warned that if the salary is not set according to the agreement, from the production of the film to stopping the filming.

The Producers Union became angry after some organizations including the Movie Dance Association sent a letter raising the wage rate. In the working committee meeting a few days ago, after there was talk about salary increase without their consent, the manufacturers union has decided to hold discussions with that organization.

“We do not accept the unnatural market price that imposes a financial burden on the producer. We talk to friends who send us letters. If they don’t agree, they will have to stop filming and production in the style of the Telugu film industry,” said Chairman Khadka.

Khadka said that the Producers’ Association has become serious about artists, technicians and dancers setting their own prices. Rabindrasingh Baniyan, a member of the Producers Association and the producer of the film ‘Mahapurusha’, also said that at least the price of Nepali films should be determined according to the market. “Looking at the business of three films, the price cannot be increased. We should also look at the side of an artist who takes a salary of 50 lakhs but cannot give an income of 6 lakh rupees. “It is not good to increase the market price of the film if the market does not increase,” said Baniya.

“We are ready to call the people and organizations that raise the prices for negotiations. There may be a situation where the shooting has to be postponed,’ said the legendary producer, ‘There is a situation where we will have to go for a Telugu-style movement.” But after the consent of Telugu film actors and other organizations, the shooting work was resumed.

Kiran Nepali, the famous producer and actor of this year’s hit film ‘Dui Numbari’, has also written on Facebook, sarcastically speaking to the actors who voluntarily increase their salary, ‘Hero 50 lakhs, song one dance with 20 lakhs, the price of other technicians has also increased day by day, three times in the year of the movie’s running. . Producer in abroad after the release of the film.

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