Saroj Khanal and Karisma Manandhar Starrer ‘Bagan’ Trailer : A story of remarriage of a single woman

The trailer of actor Saroj Khanal’s debut directorial film ‘Bagan’ has been released. The 3-minute long trailer released during a program in Kathmandu on Wednesday focuses on the story of a single woman’s remarriage. The struggle of the daughter (Pramila Karki) to get her mother (Karishma Manandhar) remarried and the family’s obstacles to it are told in a touching manner in the trailer. 

The dialogue in the trailer is strong. After the death of her husband, Karishma plays the role of a woman who makes women aware to fight for their rights through self-study. However, she cannot fight against injustice at home. The upheaval in her life after Saroj Khanal‘s arrival is shown in the trailer in a pleasing manner. The trailer gives the impression that the film is strong in visual language.

The trailer also features Karishma Manadhar, Saroj Khanal and Pramila Karki along with Neer Shah, Mithila Sharma and Akash Shrestha. Akash plays the role of Pramila’s lover. Based on the story written by Swapn Nirav, the film will be screened from Asadh 29. Actor-turned-director Saroj Khanal said that he tried to tell the story honestly. He claims that ‘Bagan’ has become the best. 

The producer of ‘Bagan’ is Suresh Wagle and the executive producer is Vinod Manandhar, which KB Films has collaborated with Nepali The film has DOP by Gauri Shankar Dhuju, cinematography by Utsav Dahal and Narayan JC, editing by Arjun JC, Rajesh Shah and Sandesh Shah, VFX by Samir Mian, color correction by Renish Fago and background score by Sujil Karmacharya.

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