Film ‘Chitra’ will be made under the direction of Ghanshyam Lamichhane

The movie ‘Chitra’ is going to be made under the direction of Ghanshyam Lamichhane.

The official release of the film was announced on the occasion of Ram Navami on Thursday.

Actors Arpan Thapa and Santosh Adhikari will play the lead roles in the film, which will begin shooting from Bhadra. Other actors are yet to be selected.

The entire shooting of the film, which is a family story, will be done in Nepal. Director Lamichhane said that the film presents the story of an unusual father and daughter.

‘Chitra’ will be produced under Santosh Adhikari Films banner presented by ASAP Entertainment. Ajay Adhikari has prepared the story of Bhawana Pant’s film.

Manish Gautam is preparing the screenplay and dialogues of the film, which is the story of Ajay.

Director Lamichhane’s film ‘London to Paris’ is getting ready for release. After the screening of this film, preparations are being made to go to the shooting of ‘Chitra’. He has previously directed films like ‘Dhauli, Panchebaaja, Agnidahan’.

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