‘Bhagwat Gita’ is going to be released on Bhadra 29

Sunil Kumar Thapa, who is considered successful in film production, is going to screen his new film ‘Bhagwat Gita’ on the 29th of Bhadra. Earlier, he had planned to release the film on the occasion of Krishna Ashtami. However, after the film ‘Jawan’ starring Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan will be screened on Bhadra 21, producer Thapa is going to screen the film targeting Teej. 

Producer Thapa said, ‘Bhadra 29 was appropriate for the release of the film. We will start the shooting in the next few days as some percentage of the film is left.’ He said that the teaser of the film will be released in the first week of Jestha. Actor Dheeraj Magar and actress Suhana Thapa are paired together in the film. As both of them have worked together for the first time, the audience is very excited about the film.

Actor Bipin Karki also plays the lead role in the film. As Bipin’s ‘Prasad 2’ and Dheeraj’s ‘Jackie: I’m Twenty One’, which were released this month, failed, it is being analyzed that the ‘Bhagwat Geeta’ team is under a lot of pressure. However, producer Thapa expresses his belief that since the film will run the actors, they are not under any kind of pressure and the film is strong and will do well. 

It is said that Bipin will appear in a different character in the film directed by actress Jharna Thapa. Kabir Khadka, Anurag Kunwar, Zebin-Zebish are also acting in the film, which was shot by Sanjay Lama. It is reported that the film, presented by Suhana Entertainment and produced under the banner of Sunil Kumar Thapa Productions, has picked up an inter-caste love story.

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