Buddhi Tamang’s ‘Welcome to Hemjakot’ on Jestha 26

The release date of Buddhi Tamang’s film ‘Welcome to Hemjakot’ has been decided. The producer has announced the performance date on Monday, Jestha 26. Earlier, it was planned to be released on Tihar last year.

Saroj Poudel has written and directed the film, which was produced with the investment of Tej Prasad Dahal, Jitendra Giri, Baburam Karki, Suman Khadka. Along with Tamang, the film stars Binod Neupane, Dinesh Khadka, Sandeep Sigdel, Ambika Tamang, Sujaira Karki, Bishal Pahari, Rabi Giri, Laxminath Timalsina, Rashmi Bhatt, Asmita Pant, Sharda Giri, Baldev Rai, Jayanand Lama and Previl Kandel.

This film, based on the story of the crisis that foreign employment brings to the family, has been shot in the vicinity of Pokhara. This film also won the best film award at the Nepal Cultural International Film Festival. The item dance ‘Mayako Radio’, Tihar related song ‘Selko Basna Chaleko’ included in this film has been released.

The name of the film shot at Hemjakot, a tourist spot in Pokhara, is also taken from it. The production side believes that this will also contribute to the local tourism sector. Milan Shrestha’s action, Mitra D Gurung’s editing, the film has been edited by Deng Gurung. Director Saroj Paudel informed that the performance rights have been sold in India, Australia, Japan, Europe and other countries.

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