Deepak Bajracharya launched ‘Project Najeek’, a campaign to bring audiences and musicians closer together

Singer and composer Deepak Bajracharya has announced a new musical campaign called ‘Project Najeek’. He is going to launch this campaign according to the concept of bringing musical presenters and audiences closer together. Along with the new song ‘Eklo’, he has announced that the project Najeek.

Deepak told Media that he is going to bring nine new and old songs that have been prepared to the audience one by one in different flavors. “Currently, I have prepared nine songs, the goal is to release up to 12 through this project,” he said, “The purpose of this is to bring the audience and the performer closer.”

Deepak has prepared to conduct this campaign at home and abroad. The new song ‘Eklo’ has been taken as the first version. He informed that he has started the ‘Project Najeek’ under the idea of ​​not limiting the song to the music video and presenting it directly to the audience. Lyrics by Ricky Shakya, music by James Pradhan, the song ‘Eklo’ is arranged by Deepak.

According to Deepak, ‘Project Najeek’ is a designing show, which will be divided into three parts. The first part is called Unplug Live i.e. Spot Live Event. In which the song will be presented in a style that has not been heard before. A meet and greet has been scheduled in the second part. Under which he plans to bring the viewers and listeners closer together and have fun and capture that moment in pictures.

The third part is an upbeat concert ie EDM. Deepak said that he is thinking of enjoying the program while dancing, singing and rejoicing in the performance of new and old songs. “Overall, the aim of ‘Project Najeek’ is to bring the presenter (musician) and the audience closer,” said Deepak.

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