Samragyee RL Shah used lip fillers to plump up her lips

Samragyee RL Shah

People adopt many ways to make their body parts beautiful and attractive. They also spend a lot of money for that. Recently, the trend of cosmetic surgery has been going on. Especially in this case, celebrities are ahead. Many artists of the world have undergone surgery to make their body beautiful. Some Nepali celebrities have also adopted this method. 

Samragyee Rajya Lakshmi Shah is also among the Nepalese actresses who have changed the shape of their natural body parts through beauty procedures. She has taken the help of lip fillers to make her lips attractive. It can also be understood from the picture posted in this news. And, the empress herself has recently admitted that she made up her lips during a conversation with a journalist.

Three years ago, she made her lips thicker by using lip fillers. Although this is new in Nepal, many Hollywood/Bollywood actresses have done lip fillers to make their lips more attractive. Especially after Hollywood model Kylie Jenner used lip fillers to make her thin lips thicker, it is believed to have started the trend of lip fillers in the world. 

What are lip fillers? 

If someone is not happy with their natural beauty, they can change the shape of their body with the help of beauty procedures. One of them is lip fillers. Those who have thin lips can take the help of lip fillers to make them slightly thicker. Lip fillers in particular are temporary beauty treatments that last for four to six months. It can be repeated many times.

Lip fillers are popular in the world because they increase the volume and size of the lips in an excellent way. Collagen and hyaluronic acid are used in the filler. The use of collagen makes the lips plump, while the hyaluronic acid holds water and plumps the lips. It is also a very painful process as a syringe is used for lip fillers.

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