Prakash Saput will make 2080 the year against caste discrimination

Kathmandu- Singer Prakash Saput will make 2080 the year against caste discrimination. Therefore, he says that he is going to release a new song ‘Sakambari’ within the year 2079. He mentioned that his creations coming next year will be against caste discrimination.

Prakash writes on Facebook, ‘I am publishing this song in a little hurry within this year 2079. Because I have thought of making the next year 2080 as the ‘year against caste discrimination’ in my creations. Some creations will come against caste discrimination. I believe that the social issues shown in the previous creations have been taken seriously. In this way, the issue of future creation will also be taken as a common issue. You will meditate. No matter how much it is discouraged, there will be no reduction in efforts to provide entertainment in terms of business and to raise voice on social issues in terms of responsible citizens.

Prakash has also informed that he is going to release the Sakambari song tomorrow (Friday). He has released songs on social and political issues before. Prakash is currently busy as a host of Himalayan Lokstar. The movie ‘Pardeshi 2’ starring him is preparing to be screened in the upcoming Dashain.

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