Awarded Music and Drama National Pragya Award-2079 to 6 creators

6 creators who have contributed to Nepali music, dance and theater genres have been awarded with ‘Nepal Music and Theater National Pragya Award-2079’.

Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav awarded the artists in a ceremony organized at Lainchaur office of the Vice President on Tuesday. The award was recently announced by the Nepal Music and Drama Academy on the occasion of its 13th anniversary.

Folk singer Nabin Kishore Rai, singer and composer Ganesh Rasik, musician Bijay Kumar Shrestha, color artist Bhairav ​​Bahadur Chhetri, dance director Kulman Nepali and theater researcher Prof. Dr. Ram Chandra Pokharel. Awarded 6 artists were honored with a copper plate with one lakh rupees each.

Vice President Yadav and Chancellor Nisha Sharma presented the award. Addressing the ceremony, Vice President Yadav praised the contribution made by the foundation in the past. The institution has now modified, refined and broadened itself according to the constitutional system and enriched the various genres of song, music, dance and drama (ancient, Raithane, folk, traditional, classical etc.) We should be able to make it advanced,’ said Vice President Yadav.

He expressed the belief that the foundation’s honoring of special seekers, talents and creators who have achieved distinction in Nepali music, dance, drama, theatre, traditional and classical music and folk music and theater will help to keep the dignity of the nation intact.

Vice-Chancellor Sharma said that art is a stable element and said that such a stable element can be maintained only through the creative artist. Ganesh Rasik, who is honored in the field of music, expressed his happiness that the foundation is operating from his own building as he was the member secretary of the foundation in the past. He suggested that creators and artists should be made lifelong members.

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