Deepak Manange made his acting debut with the film ‘Baghchal’

Rajiv Gurung (Deepak Manange), former minister and producer Rajiv Gurung (Deepak Manange), a member of the Gandaki State Assembly, will act in the film for the first time. Manange is going to play the lead role in the film ‘Bagh Chal’, which is being produced together with actor Sabin Shrestha. Sabin told reporters that Manange will have a positive role in the film. He will be seen in the negative role of the villain. 

The production team is preparing to release the film by the end of this year after completing the shooting before Dashain. The story, screenplay and dialogues of the film directed by Samrat Basnet are written by Shivam Adhikari. Actor Shrestha informed that 90% of the film will be shot in Nepal and 10% including one song will be shot in Australia. He said that the film will be made in action and love story.

Sabin is confident of his comeback from ‘Bagh Chal’. He said, ‘I have been presented in the same role and getup so far. I myself was monotonous. This time I am playing a slightly different role. It is a challenge for me to play that role.’ Sabin said that there will be 3 heroes and 2 heroines in the film. One of the heroines will be a Nepalese girl living in Mumbai.

It will be interesting for the audience to see Deepak Manange acting on the big screen for the first time. Even though he is about to act for the first time, he continues to produce films. He first made the film ‘One Way’ to make his son Siddharth Gurung debut as an actor. After that he joined ‘Poi Paryo Kale’ and ‘Dui Nambari’ as a producer.

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