For the first time in Iraq, a Nepali film, ‘Chakkapanja 4’ will be shown on May 12

Nepali film will be screened in Iraq for the first time. Ramesh Dhakal, who has been distributing Nepali films in the Middle East, is going to screen ‘Chakkapanja 4’ in the Kurdistan Sulaimani city of Iraq on May 12.

The movie is going to be shown by booking the city cinema hall of that city. He informed that they are going to start the performance by showing the film in two shows a day. The efforts of two years have been successful. As soon as the screening date is fixed, I am sending the film to the censors,” he said.

Dhakal is going to show the film in collaboration with Iraq-based Nepali Vinod Shrestha. The presence of the Nepali community in Iraq is low. We have tried before but it was not possible. From now on, I plan to release at least one film per month,” he said. The film will be released in Iraq with Arabic subtitles.

“Based on the response on the first day, we will consider adding a show,” he said. He informed that after ‘Chakkapanja 4’, ‘Jari’ is also being screened. On the initiative of Dhakal, Nepali films are being released regularly in theaters in the Middle East. Chakkapanja 4 was released in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Oman in the Middle East. He said that there is a plan to release the film in Saudi as well.

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