The cover song “Arabau Manchhe Haruma” by Sarana Shrestha

Sarana Shrestha has released a cover version of the lyrics to the classic song “Arabau Manchhe Haruma,” which has been released on the YouTube channel My Guitar Home.

Madan Krishna Shrestha, a senior artist, wrote the song’s lyrics. The song’s original version featuring Nhyoo Bajracharya’s music and Shrestha’s voice was released six years ago.

In addition to handling the mixing and mastering and rearranging it with Manish Bajracharya, Rohan Shakya wrote the music for the cover version.

It was Sarana Shrestha who directed the music video for her song. Arjun Khadgi was responsible for filming, editing, and coloring the video.

Sarana, who has recently been active in both directing and singing, had previously brought a song titled ‘Timi Jun jastai Lagachha Paro’ in memory of mother Yashoda.

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