The young man who threw the bottle apologized to Prakash Saput, the organizers will withdraw the case

Singer Prakash Saput has forgiven the Nepali youth who threw a bottle at him at a concert in Romania. Singer Preeti Ale, who came to Bucharest with Prakash, can be seen forgiving in the video released. In the video, Saput and the young man are seen shaking hands and hugging each other.

My nose hurts and my heart hurts too. It affects your life more than mine. We have left the country and gone abroad. Please don’t do such a thing again,” singer Saput forgiven to that person and said, ‘Because of you, my morale has gone down. I have also forgiven you for not letting your life go upside down.

The young man has also given a clarification that no one instigated him to throw the bottle. “It happened while having fun,” said the young man in front of singer Saput and organizer Naresh Giri. In the same video, Saput also advised the young man not to drink alcohol. “Don’t drink so much that you don’t find out,” was Saput’s advice.

According to singer Saput’s request, the organizers will withdraw the police complaint against the Nepali youth. It is also said that he will not be deported to Nepal. In the said video, the organizer Giri said that he will withdraw the complaint given to the police and immigration. “According to Prakash’s request, we are withdrawing the case registered with the police and immigration,” said Giri.

The man threw a can bottle at the singer Saput while he was singing the song ‘Bol Maya’ at the ‘Yad Nepali Music Festival Part 2’ concert held in Romania on Monday night. Saput said that there was a minor injury to the nose. After the video of this incident became a topic of discussion on social media, organizations including the National Folk and Dohri Geet Foundation issued a statement and drew the attention of the diplomatic mission.

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