The Hindi version of ‘Parastree’ will not be released in Nepal

The film ‘Parastree’, which was prepared in Nepali and Indian languages, will be screened in Nepal only in Nepali language. Some time ago, the team of the film had planned to show the Hindi version in Nepal. However, now the Hindi dubbed version of the film will not be released in Nepal. Director Suraj Pandey informed that the film will be screened in Nepali language in Nepal and in Hindi language in India. 

Director Pandey, who is currently in Mumbai, wrote on Facebook, ‘I would like to inform our viewers that the Nepali and Hindi language movie ‘Parastree’ produced by us will be screened simultaneously in Nepal and India from this Asadh 15th. Also, the version of ‘Parastree’ in Hindi language will be shown only in India, while ‘Parastree’ in Nepali language will be shown in Nepal.’

Film writer and producer Dipendra K. Khanal said that since he did not see the need to release the Hindi language in Nepal, now ‘Parastree’ will be shown in Nepali language only. He said, ‘The aim is to release only Nepali language in Nepal. Not only the language is different, but the visual language is the same. So we will not release Hindi language in Nepal. Now only Hindi language is performed in India.’

The film features Shilpa Maskey, Gaurav Bista, Koshish Chhetri, Alish Chhetri, Aashant Sharma, Rambabu Regmi, Saraswati Adhikari, Jhaken BC, Arpit Neupane and others. Sharmila Pandey is the producer of the film. The film is directed by Niraj Kandel. The team of actors along with director Pandey is currently in Mumbai for the India screening and premiere of the film.

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