Rajesh Hamal having a cinema conversation with former Prime Minister KP Oli

Actor Rajesh Hamal is going to have a cinema conversation with former Prime Minister KP Oli. In the seventh edition of the Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF), veteran leaders and actors are going to interact in one of the discussions and interactions covering various aspects and genres of cinema.

The conversation around the theme of Cinema Dialogue is scheduled to begin on Friday, the second day of the inauguration, at 11:00 AM and conclude at 1:00 PM, according to the organizers. The National Assembly’s hall is open for free viewing of the two’s conversation.

According to KP Pathak, the chairman of the festival, topics of discussion will include the future of artificial intelligence, the market for Nepali films, film reviews, and the art of directing. The festival will take place from the first of Chaitra to the fifth.

During the festival, Prakash Subedi will discuss the issue of missing directors with Rambabu Gurung, Jharna Thapa, and Deepak Raj Giri, while Namrata Sharma will discuss the effects of gender inequality in films with actors like Reema Bishwokarma and singers like Ani Choing Dolma. Both discussion programs are scheduled to take place on Sunday in the Board of Tourism hall during the festival, which runs from Thursday to Monday.

Film critic Prabhakar Gautam will debate applause versus abuse with Keki Adhikari, Pradeep Bhattarai, and editor KP Dhungana on Saturday as part of the discussion series. On Saturday, lyricist and technology expert Karun Thapa will give a solo presentation on the impact of AI on film production in the future.

Film journalist Raghunath Sapkota will discuss new markets and opportunities in cinema with Dinesh DC, Jitu Nepal, Janak Tamang, and Pushpalata Neupane on Friday. Every session will take place at the Tourism Board and be streamed live on a number of social media platforms.

The documentary “Ani Choing Dolma: Nothing Impossible,” which is based on the life of well-known singer Ani Choing Dolma, is slated to open this year’s NIFF. According to the organizers, the opening of the festival will be held at the Civil Mall in Sundhara and the closing will be held at the National Assembly House. This year’s edition will feature 88 films from 40 countries.

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