‘Ae Dhakre Dai’ on 5th of Shrawan

The film ‘Ae Dhakre Dai’, which is based on the Dhakre lifestyle of about 60 years ago, is going to be released on the 5th of Shrawan. On Friday, the poster was released and the performance date was announced. Director and producer Niranjan Kasju (Maila) said that the film vividly presented the rural life of Nepal at that time and it is necessary for the present youth to understand it. 

“When there were no transportation facilities, Dhakres used to walk from the mountains for months to come to Batauli market (renamed as Butwal-Khasyuli municipality in 2016) and sell herbs, ghee, soybeans etc. there and buy essential materials like salt, oil, rags,” says director Kasju. ‘I have presented in the film the same life experiences experienced by our forefathers.’

Dhruv Koirala, Minuj Ranamgar, Maya Thami, Usha Fauja etc. are acting in the film distributed by RR Films. The film has cinematography by Suman Thapa and Binod Chaudhary, music by Suresh Century, lyrics by NKM and Tej Prasad Pandey, editing by Bijay Pokharel and Binod Chaudhary, choreography by Lokendra Shah and NKM. Presented by Unique Movies, Rajan Kasju is the co-producer.

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