‘Mayor Saheb’ was created between the discussion of Balen and Hark

Now the mayor of two places in the country is the most talked about. They are Kathmandu Metropolitan Mayor Balen Shah (Balendra) and Dharan Sub-Metropolis Mayor Hark Sampang. Between the discussion of these two mayors, director Raju Giri is going to make the film ‘Mayor Saheb’. Although the film is not based on the life of any mayor, it is understood that the work done by Balen and Hark is being prepared on the screen. 

The film was announced by releasing the theme poster on Friday. Director Giri informed that the work of selecting the actors for the film, which is going to start shooting from the month of Bhadra, is currently underway. The pre-production and story writing work of the film, which will be made on political themes, is going on rapidly. Binita Gurung and Maushmi Maharjan will be in the film.

Presented by Binita Films, the film will have director Giri’s story, Bhojraj Devkota’s screenplay and dialogues and Arjun Pokharel and Santosh Shrestha’s music. Narayan Khati is the co-producer of ‘Mayor Saheb’. The film ‘Nambari Sun’, presented by producer Khati and directed by director Giri, is getting ready for release. This film will be screened across the country from the 1st of Bhadra.

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