The sixth edition of the Nepal-US International Film Festival has started

The sixth edition of the Nepal-US International Film Festival has started. The festival was launched on Thursday with the screening of the Nepali film ‘Aina Jhyalko Putli’ at the AFI Silver Theater in Washington, DC, Maryland. Actor Rajesh Hamal was present as a special guest at the festival. He expressed his happiness to attend the film festival and meet the Nepali diaspora.

‘Film festival is a means of connecting the Nepali community. The film addresses somewhere in your emotions and mind. Addresses your daily life or life in some way, gives motivation. Therefore, the Nepali diaspora should support this kind of art,” he said.

37 films from 11 countries including feature films, documentaries, short films and animations are being screened at the film festival which will run from June 22 to 25. Films selected by the festival will also be screened at the Old Greenbelt Theatre.

According to the organizers, there will be a special screening of ‘The Secret of Radha’ in the presence of director Subarna Thapa at the festival. The best films among those screened will be awarded with various awards. Similarly, there will be a ‘panel’ discussion on film, culture and new technology during the festival.

According to Yuvakar Rajkarnirka, director of the festival, the festival will conclude on June 25 with the performance of “Pasang: In the Shadow of Everest” directed by American director Nancy Svendsen.

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