The song ‘Jeevan Bhaneko’ of film ‘Parstree’ released

The lyrical video song of the film ‘Parstree’, which is going to be released on the 15th of Asadh, has been released. Ketan Chhetri’s voice, KK Brothers’ composition and lyrics are in the club song of ‘Jeevan Bhaneko’. According to the production team, the song prepared in the setup of the birthday of the main character of the film, Abhya (Shilpa Maskey), also explains the story of the film. 

Suraj Pandey has directed the film, which is based on the story of family crisis caused by extramarital affairs. This is his first directorial film. Cinematography by Neeraj Kandel, the film stars Shilpa Maskey, Koshish Chhetri, Gaurav Bista, Alish Chhetri, Aashant Sharma, Rambabu Regmi, Saraswati Adhikari, Jhaken BC and Arpit Neupane.

Sharmila Pandey is the producer of the film produced under the banner of DS Digital. The film was directed by Dipendra K. Written by Khanal. Dubbed in Hindi, ‘Parstree’ is also being screened in India. The production team left for Mumbai on Friday for the India screening and premiere. Censor Board of Nepal has not allowed the screening due to scenes of kissing, bed scenes and violence in the film.

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