‘Darpan Chayaan 2’ actress Sahara Karki got engaged to Firoj Timalsina

Sahara Karki, who made her debut as an actress with the film ‘Darpan Chayaan 2’ directed by Tulsi Ghimire, has got engaged. She exchanged rings with Firoj Timalsina, the actor of her debut film, on Asadh 3 in America. Both have shared engagement pictures on social media. Sahara referred to it as ‘the beginning of our forever’. 

Last year Firoj proposed to Sahara by putting a ring on her. Love blossomed between them while working on ‘Darpan Chayaan 2’. In the film, Sahara was paired with actor Pushpa Khadka and Firoj played the role of their close friend. Sahara came to Nepal from America to work in this film. The producers of the film were her parents.

Although she was praised for her performance in ‘Darpan Chayaan 2’, Sahara has not acted in films since then. While Firoj was in Nepal, he was the producer of ‘Nepal Idol’ and the chief assistant director of ‘The Voice of Nepal’. He is also a singer. Firoj and Sahara have also acted together in the videos of the songs ‘Meri Priya’ and ‘Kina’. It is reported that they will get married this month.

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