Actor Gaurav Pahari got engaged

Actor Gaurav Pahari and his girlfriend, Sreani Khatiwada, are getting married. On Wednesday, Gaurav and Sreani were engaged in a ceremony conducted at the Hotel Radisson.

Families from both sides, intimate friends, and a few film crew members were present for the ceremony. Both of them also exchanged rings during the engagement.

In Mangsir, their nuptials will take place. With the approval of their families, the two of them will get married after a three-year courtship. Sreani is a fitness trainer by profession. Gaurav Pahari, a film actor, is the son of Tika Pahari.

With the film “Manjari,” he made his acting debut. He has since acted in films like “Hostel,” “Utsav,” “Gajalu,” “Mr. Virgin,” “Kumbh Karan,” “Saili,” and “Chakka Panja 2.” The films “Nambari Sun” and “Dui Kadam,” in which he acted, are being released this year. He occasionally made appearances in music videos.

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