Anchal who does not eat salt to be slim, Pooja who does not stop eating food

Anchal who does not eat salt to be slim, Pooja who does not stop eating food

The discussion that two Sharma actresses of Nepali films, Aanchal and Pooja, do not have a good relationship is not new. From time to time, the gossip they do to each other shows the truth in the talk of the market. However, they have not worked together in a film so far. There is talk that they are going to work together in the new film of actress Rekha Thapa.

In an interview some time ago, after Aanchal called Pooja ‘Agraj’, Pooja also called Aanchal ‘Bhauju’. This became a good gossip for the media. Once again, there are rumors that an unannounced quarrel has started between them. Last week, Aanchal said in a TV interview that she works out in the gym to get slim, and eats vegetables without salt.

Perhaps hearing this from Aanchal, Pooja said in a program a few days ago that she does not stop eating any food to lose weight. She said, “I enjoy eating food.” I also exercise. No doctor will say that you lose weight without eating. If he says, he is not a doctor. That’s why eat, take a walk and go to gym instead. But please don’t stop eating.

It seems that the matter of worship may be aimed at Aanchal. Because, she has mentioned about ‘doctor’. It is well known that Anchal’s husband Udeep Shrestha is a doctor. That too a dietician. She follows the ‘diet chart’ suggested by her husband. For this reason, it can be assumed that Pooja may have mentioned ‘doctor’ to tease Anchal that she eats vegetables without salt.

However, there is a common belief that you should not eat to lose weight. Believing in this, some people do not even eat to lose weight. Pooja may have targeted this. However, to reveal the secret of her being slim, it is not possible to believe that her intention was not to offend Anchal by uttering the word ‘doctor’. However, Pooja is often insulted by her own words.

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