The film ‘Meow’ with Anoop and Uttam has been announced

The film ‘Meow’ is going to be produced under the writing and direction of Jay Raj Roy. On Monday, on the occasion of Maghe Sankranti, a poster was released, and the production of the film was announced. Along with the announcement, it has been informed that the film will feature actor duo Anoop Bikram Shahi and Uttam Pradhan.

This film, which is an ambitious and perfect comeback for Anoop and Uttam, is going to be produced under the banner of Jay Media Management Pvt Ltd. Director Roy said that the actress for the lead role in the film has not been finalized.

Director Roy elaborates on the film’s plot: “A mentally deranged ‘psycho killer’ with a troubled past of his own. Roy says this film is going to be based on the story of his presence in society and the situation arising from it. Roy promises to use every trick in the film to give an amazing twist and turn.”

South Indian film music legend AJ Alimirzak Naushad Ali will give the music for this film, and South Indian film playback singer Sai Vignesh, Padmalata will give the voice. Laxman Sunar will be the associate director and editor in ‘Meow’, which will be the DOP of South Indian cinematographer Akash Kumar.

This film will also be released in China. For which the Chinese distributor South Asia Maritime Silk Road (Fujian) International Media Co. Ltd. has been attached to the film.

The executive producer of the film is Nisha Khatiwada, and the co-producers are Jenny Khatiwada Rai, Kendra Regmi, and Prince Kumar Chaudhary. There will be sound design by Suman Majhi, who has experience in Bhutanese films, and VFX by Sudip Bhandari. Its global release target is 2024.

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