Actors of the film ‘Welcome to Hemjakot’ in ‘Halka Ramailo’ tele-serial

Lately, film units have started reaching serials to promote the film. Similarly, some actors of the film ‘Welcome to Hemjakot’, which is going to be screened on Jestha 26, have reached the teleserial ‘Halka Ramailo’.

The teleserial written and directed by Raju Paudel and Marichman Shrestha. Director Paudel said viewers will be able to watch a special performance by Hemjakot artists. Shrestha has added regular actors Sarada Giri, Krishna Siwakoti, Anita Basnet, Kamala Regmi, Ishtu Karki, Ujjwal Khadka, Sabina Acharya, Sabina Giri and Hemjakot actors to make this teleserial a little different from the previous series. Binod Neupane, Dinesh Khadka, Prebil Kandel, Bishal Pahari, Rabi Giri have also been shot together.

The director of the teleserial Marichman Shrestha said that this time the script with the guest actors will be slightly different. He said, “We have tried to show new performances of guest artists for our regular viewers of this teleserial.” I hope the audience will find it more fun.

Actor Vinod Neupane of Hemjakot said that working in a teleserial is a different feeling than working in a regular film. Tej Prasad Dahal is the producer of Welcome to Hemjakot, a movie written and directed by Saroj Paudel. The producer claims that this movie shot in Pokhara region is made in full comedy style.

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