Samikshya and Gokul’s ‘A Suwa ‘

The video of the song A Suwa featuring singer Samikshya Adhikari and singer Gokul Kharel has been released. The song has lyrics by engineer Sagar Kharel, music by Deepak Sharma and arrangement by Uday Raj Paudel. It stars models Samarika Dahal and John Bam. Based on the original language of the Far West, A Suwa is a loving address from a lover to a lover, similarly, a lover calls a lover A Sai. Singer Gokul from Kanchanpur said that he wanted to show a happy love story of a loving couple through A Suwa.

Director Uttam Shrestha Sisir has artistically presented the exciting love story of a loving couple through A Suwa in a video. Singer Gokul is currently in Japan on business. Singer Gokul, who is also a young businessman, has previously released more than 1 dozen songs such as Phuleko Phul, Sikaudaichha kehi, Udailgechha, Adha Paran, Phuleko Phul, Kaha Thiyo, Haami Sawasthakarmi, National Song Gundruk Dhindo, Bhamra, etc.

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