The film of Namrata ‘Hashtag Maya’ on the floor for shooting

The shooting of the film ‘Hashtag Maya’ starring actress Namrata Shrestha has started. The shooting of the film has started in Bardia from Friday with a schedule of 45 days. Namrata will play the lead role of a yoga instructor in the film.

In the thriller genre, apart from Namrata, Sarook Tamrakar, Roydeep Shrestha, Nikita Acharya, Kenipa Singh, Sudam CK will also be acting in the film. Anup Paudel is the executive producer of the film directed by Rajeev Gurung. The film is written by director Gurung and Ashutosh Shrestha.

Namrata, who was not seen in acting after the film ‘Prasad’ released in 2075, returned to the film after about 5 years. Namrata, who does not act until she understands the script, is also involved in the restaurant business.

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