There will be a ‘Golden Nepali Film Award’ in America

Virginia: Not only the presence of Nepali filmmakers, Artiest, but also the presence of Nepali film awards is increasing in the Hollywood land of America. Just last week, the ‘Global Nepali Film Awards’ were held in New York City. A new edition of the ‘NEFTA Award’ will be held in America soon. Now the ‘Golden Nepali Film Award’ will be held in California, USA, in September 2024.

In honor of actors Shiv Shrestha and Sunil Thapa, Golden State Movie Makers LLC, California, has organized a ‘Meet, Greet, and Wishes Exchange Music Night’ event at Himalaya Flavor Restaurant in Berkeley, where well-wishers from different states gathered to meet, chat, and take photos with the actor. The actors were emotional because they received so much support, respect, and love from the audience in America as well.

Legends like Shiv Shrestha and Sunil Thapa will be honored, according to the event’s organizer, Yagyalal Shrestha. In addition, Tejendra Baral, a member of the NRNA Chapter California, Bindu Niraula Sapkota, a member of the NRNA ICC, Bishnu KC, president of the West Coast Regional Committee (NRNA USA), Suraj Pakhrin, recently elected president of the Tamang Society California, were recognized.

Meanwhile, the ‘Golden Nepali Film Award’ has been announced to be held next year in September 2024 at the ceremony. Sportsman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Yagyalal Shrestha, who has been living in America for a long time, is going to organize the ‘Golden Nepali Film Awards’ through his enterprise, Golden State Movie Makers.

According to Shrestha, the Golden Award will provide Nepali film with a new dimension in terms of quality development, promotion on the worldwide stage, growth, and artist appreciation. According to him, the award will be well planned out, magnificent, and impartial.

Actors Shiv Shrestha and Sunil Thapa, who are also on the jury committee of the award, expressed their best wishes for success, mentioning that they will have their full support and cooperation for this award.

Actors Shrestha and Thapa, together with actor Deepashree Niraula, journalist and director Lakshman Subedi, have been announced as members of the jury and coordination team for the Golden Nepali Film Award, according to Golden Stage Movie Makers.

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