The female character in ‘Hookha’ is the ‘Hero’: Tej Giri

After the actress Benisha Hamal in the film ‘Premgunj’ released last year, Tej Giri is the actor who has won praise for his acting. He is a banker by profession but his interest is in acting. That is why he is traveling together with his feet on two boats. And, he is satisfied with both professions. He has acted in films like ‘Kale’, ‘Dhauli’, ‘Panchebaja’, ‘Love Love Love’, ‘Gopi’ and others. 

Now his new film ‘Hookah: An Absurd Dreams’ is going to be screened from the 12th of Jestha. He said that he is in the character of bringing a ‘twist’ in the film. He says, ‘I have a slightly different character in the film. Rather than being completely positive and completely negative, I’m seen as a somewhat moderate character. I have played the role of a character who brings a ‘twist’ to the story of the film.’

Tej mentions that the language around Pokhara along with the soil and climate of the western region has been presented very beautifully in the film. Stating that the film has changed the definition of hookah, he says, ‘The film has shown the hookah used by ancestors. Hookah had a special importance in ancient times. The film has tried to show that the addiction of any substance can make a person go to any lengths.’ 

According to him, the story is told using hookah symbolically. ‘Hookah is something connected with prestige. Love or betrayal can be anything. The film has raised the issue of how far that addiction takes people,’ he explained. He believes that the film presents the female character as a hero and the story of the film will make Nepali society feel a sense of belonging.

Directed by Shambhu Thapa, the film also stars Pramila Khanal, Santosh Kumar Atrey, Prakash Ghimire, Ashu Neupane, Talisha Gurung, Nischal Bimal, Elisha Wick. Reshma Pradhan is the co-producer, Parvati Thapa, Sushila Gurung and Sagar Godar Chhetri are the producers and Kamal Bahadur Bhujel and Kiran Kumar Atreya are the executive producers. This film was shot in Pokhara.

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