Belief towards Anmol has started to disappear

The world runs on faith. And trust is something that is hard to earn and easy to lose. When you lose faith in someone, then the way you look at him changes. Morality, honesty and virtue are sutras that maintain faith. Earning trust is the biggest thing not only in personal relationships, but also in business. Faith is the strong foundation of a person’s identity.

Actor Anmol KC knows the extent to which doubts arise when one starts losing faith in someone. Despite the failure of ‘Chadke 2’, the makers are still confident that the film will run under his name. However, the belief that he will not leave after signing the film has started to disappear. Because, he is probably the foremost in the world in terms of signing films. 

‘Dhupaure’, ‘Bachelor Bunty’, ‘X9’, ‘Honey Bunny’ and Pooja Sharma’s films are the films he signed and left later. That’s why these days, as soon as he signs a new film, the talk of quitting also starts. On Friday, he signed a contract for the film ‘Farki Farki’, which will be directed by Suyog Gurung and produced by Rohit Adhikari. However, the question has started to arise that Anmol will leave this film as well.

Rohit has been shocked by the media and audience asking this question. He had to give an explanation about this. He writes on Facebook, ‘This film is Anmol’s project and we are in it. That’s why we don’t leave the film. The film itself goes to shooting on a date.’ The situation where the producer officer has to clarify is due to the loss of trust towards Anmol.

Anmol’s problem is that he signs the film after hearing ‘One Line Story’. When the final script is in hand, it is different. And he leaves the film without thinking. It is a good thing not to do a film if you don’t like the script. However, this is something that he should think about before signing a film deal. There is a situation where trust is being lost towards him due to his behavior of signing films in haste and leaving them later.

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