The story of the witch in ‘Tuwanlo Bhitra’

The short film ‘Tuwanlo Bhitra’ has been produced. Produced under the banner of Dimlight Movie and Distribution Pvt. Ltd., the film portrays the ‘Witch story’ which is a bad practice in Nepali society.

Especially in the central hilly region of Nepal, the film has tried to show the bad practice that has been rooted in the society since ancient times. Savitri’s character is shown as a witch in the film. Savitri is a single woman. She earns her living by doing her sewing work. Children suddenly fall ill in the village. Innocent Savitri is blamed by some of the women, including the well-known headman of the village, her supporters for the children’s illness.

During that time, the headman gathers the villagers and abuses Savitri. And finally the villagers kill Savitri by feeding her with faeces. Director Santosh Dhakal says that the film shows that innocent women are subjected to violence in the name of witches in Nepali society.

Written by Sonam Moktan, the film features Nhiuwala Gautam, Santosh Dhakal, Ravi KC, Shankar Raj Pahadi, Anjali Shah, Sushma Lama, Vishal Baral, Sabina Dhamala and others. The film is produced by Sonam Moktan.

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