The premiere of ‘Gorkha Warrior’ will be held at ‘IMAX Cineworld’ in London

The red carpet premiere of the Nepali film “Gorkha Warriors” is going to be held at the prestigious IMAX Cineworld in Britain. In a press conference in Kathmandu on Tuesday, the producer informed that the film is going to be premiered on Bhadra 24 (September 10). Producer and director Milan Cham said that the film is going to be premiered in Hong Kong and Singapore in September.

Members of the British royal family, MPs, heads of local bodies, British army generals, Gurkha regiment officers, Nepal embassy, ​​celebrities and others have been invited to the premiere at the IMAX hall in London’s Lancaster Square.

It has always been my dream to premiere a Nepali film in this world famous hall. We believe that it will play a role in bringing Nepali films to the world market,” Director Cham said, “Now if Nepali films are to be branded in the world market, it is necessary to spend money. How many days will we show the film in the community hall?’

Famous films such as James Bond and Mission Impossible have already had their London premieres at the IMAX Cineworld. It was my dream 20 years ago to premiere a Nepali film there. Today, I am in a position to fulfill that dream,” Cham said.

Cham set the trend of international premieres by premiering the film ‘Hansiya’ in London for the first time. His latest film is said to have been made on an expensive budget. The film, made in War Genre, tells the story of the battle fought by the Gurkha soldiers attached to the British army in the jungles of Malaya in 1949. The film is scheduled to be screened in Nepali, English and Hindi languages. It is said that the Hollywood company will distribute it.

Ritesh Cham has the top role in the film. He is currently in the UK. Actors Vijay Lama, Rebika Gurung and others were present in this press conference. On that occasion, Phurwa Tenjing Sherpa, who climbed Mt. Everest 16 times, was honored. The film was produced in collaboration with London Cine Productions and Cham Entertainment. The film’s Nepal release date has not been announced.

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