Bumper opening of ‘Jari’, 1st day earnings over 2 crores

Directed by Upendra Subba, the film ‘Jari’ has made a bumper start at the domestic box office. The distribution company ‘The T Folks Films’ informed that the film, which indicated an aggressive opening in the advance booking, earned 21 million on the first day. On Friday, the film had 100 percent occupancy in theaters across the country. Saturday’s business is seen to be more aggressive. 

The film was given more than 80 shows in and outside the Kathmandu Valley by QFX, the country’s largest multiplex chain, on Friday, in which all the shows were full. The situation was the same in other multiplexes. On the first day, the number of viewers across the country was also high for single theatres. Especially, the number of audience in the theaters of the East has been huge.

Even on Saturday, the film has been attracting houseful audiences across the country since early morning. How many shows of multiplexes have been ‘sold out’. The second day earnings are projected to be more than 23 million. Not only is the business of the film strong, the response has also been equally positive. Critics have also praised the film. This shows that the film will be a long race horse.

Actor Dayahang Rai’s birthday happened on the same day as ‘Jari’ was released. He cut the birthday cake with the film team and media at Big Movies in Kamalpokhari. He expressed his happiness that his birthday has become more special as the audience liked the film immensely. He believes that ‘Jari’ may have been preferred because the audience is looking for their environment and story. 

The film weaves a beautiful love story between a husband and wife by making use of the tradition of Limbu Sanskar. The screenplay and dialogues of the film are strong. Actress Miruna Magar is the backbone of the film. She dominates Dayahang in acting. About 30/35 minutes in the film, he has no dialogue. His eyes acted there. Artist Bijay Baral’s work is also commendable.

Upendra Subba, who has proven himself to be excellent in writing with ‘Kabaddi’ series and ‘Phoolbari’, has also shown good potential in directing with ‘Jari’. He has presented the traditions, culture, customs, language, and costumes of the Limbu community in a beautiful manner. As the screenplay is strong, the film is not lost. Some of the scenes are long, of course, but they are not long. 

Produced by ‘Kabaddi’ famed director Rambabu Gurung, the film also stars Roydeep Shrestha, Rekha Limbu, Prem Subba, Anil Subba, Pushkar Gurung, Kamalmani Nepal, Upsangba Nembang, Sitakumari Tumbapo and others. The initial business aggressiveness of ‘Jari’ has been attributed to the strong star cast, the positive response received by the trailer and the popularity of the song ‘Chari Basyo’.

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