The film ‘Dev Vani’ will be produced

The film ‘Dev Vani’, which is to be produced under the direction of Babu Balami, was launched on Friday in Bhadrakali. A film is about to be made based on the story of the recent incident of meter badge in Madhesh region and how it is upsetting the lives of the poor.

Director Balami said that the film is going to portray the real incident of meter badge victims who recently walked barefoot from Madhesh for weeks and performed at Maitighar in Kathmandu. Bhojpuri film actor Kundan Bharadwaj is playing the role of Dev in the film. His character fights against the meter badge gang. Bharadwaj’s Bhojpuri film ‘Mission China’ is currently in post production. He came to Nepal from Rajasthan to play a film.

Debut actress Anuja Lepcha will have an onscreen romance with Bharadwaj. Rabindra Jha will also be seen in the top role. I am very excited about this story. I also agree with the story about Madhesh’s recent metered interest issue,” said actor Jha.

Neerajan Mehta has written the screenplay. The shooting of the film, which will be produced in Nepali and Hindi languages, will take place from Sunday in Simra, Birgunj, Itahari and Kathmandu. Balami, who has previously directed action films such as Jungali Manchhe, Balwaan, Use, Soldier and Diver Dai, has taken up social themes in it.

The film will also feature Dhruv Koirala, Nandu Srivastava, Amita Shrap, Mausam Paudel, Dev Singh, Pradeep Dhakal, Sarita Bhandari, Laxminath Timalsina, Kajol Raghwani and Mausam Paudel. Cinematography by Hari Bahadur Ghale and action choreography by Shree Shrestha.

Meena Khadka and Hira Bahadur Lepcha are producers in the film, which is hosted by Mausam Poudel. Executive produced by Mahendra Yadav, the film will have dance direction by Tenju Yonjan, music by Manohar Sunam and main assistant direction by Tarkaraj Neupane.

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