Jane Dipika Garrett arrived in Kathmandu

Jane Dipika Garrett unexpectedly rose to fame as a “plus-size model” after winning Miss Universe. The world’s leading media hailed Dipika, pointing out that her body type contradicted traditional ideas of beauty.

The President of El Salvador took the opportunity to personally congratulate Garrett and meet with her, realizing that she was a symbol of changing beauty standards on a global scale. Garrett’s historic performance on the Miss Universe stage did not go unnoticed. She became the first plus-size model in the competition’s history.

Dipika arrived in Kathmandu on Tuesday, her return home, and was met with pride and excitement by everyone. Saroj Ojha, the director of awareness at Tribhuvan International Airport, welcomed her with a national flag hoist and garlands. Also, the people who had gathered at the airport gave her a hearty welcome. Garrett looked stunning in a long winter coat.

In a short statement upon her return, Director Ojha thanked Garrett for bringing Nepal to the attention of the world and acknowledged the beneficial effects of her representation on a global scale. Garrett also expressed her pride at being showcased on the prestigious global stage of Miss Universe.

The 23-year-old, who has been sharing her opinions on mental health, positive thinking, and hormonal health, stated that she wanted to respect the attention she received as a “plus size model” in the worldwide media as well as the platform the Nepali media has given her.

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