Balen’s request to the Ministry to remove the disputed part of ‘Adi Purush’

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balen Shah has written a letter to the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology requesting to remove the dialogue ‘Janki is a daughter of India’ in the Indian film ‘Adipurush’.

It is mentioned in the letter that if the dialogue is allowed to be shown in the film, it will establish a misleading fact.

Article 5 and Clause 56 of the Constitution of Nepal have given protection to the Union, State and local governments to be responsible for the national interest. It was written in a letter, If the film is shown as it is, it seems that Nepal’s nationality, cultural unity and national identity will be severely damaged and irreparable damage will be caused.

By prohibiting the screening of the film against the national interest within the Kathmandu Metropolitan City area, if it is allowed to be screened in other areas within the country and abroad, it will establish a misleading fact, he said, requesting India to take diplomatic initiatives to arrange the removal of the disputed part.

On Thursday, he wrote a status on social media and said that he will stop the screening of Hindi films in Kathmandu until the dialogue that ‘Janki is a daughter of India’ is removed from India as well. He has given three days to remove the dialogue.

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