After meeting the minister, Dohori Geet Foundation asked for the budget

The National Folk and Dohori Geet Foundation has demanded that a budget be allocated for them in the coming financial year as well. On Wednesday, Finance Minister Prakashsharan Mahat, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Sudan Kirati and Minister of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Order Dhanraj Gurung met with the team led by the President of the Foundation, Rita Thapa Magar, and made this request.

The Foundation has also submitted a memorandum asking for the allocation of funds in the budget of the next fiscal year 2080/081 for the development of the folk dance sector.

Submitting the expenditure statement for the year 2080, the Foundation has requested to allocate 55 crores for the construction of the National Folk Culture Museum, 50 Lakhs rupees for the Agraz Srastha musical single evening, 75 Lakhs rupees for the Double Running Shield competition, 1 Crore rupees for the folk cultural festival and 35 Lakhs rupees for the Teej festival.

In addition, Minister Kirati has been asked to include the dohori song field in the regulations to be prepared by the Ministry of Culture, President Thapamagar said. Thapa said that she met and congratulated Law Minister Gurung.

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