Aliza’s threat to set the country on fire if Resham Chaudhary is not released

Journalist Rishi Dhamala’s wife and actress Aliza Gautam has started using threatening language to establish herself as a leader. She joined the Civil Liberation Party last year and spoke threatening language to the party’s patron Resham Chaudhary after the Supreme Court upheld the verdict of life imprisonment passed by the High Court, Dipalaya on Tuesday. 

It’s been 10 years. She believed that justice would be served now. But we didn’t get it. We will not be silent anymore. Now we come to the streets and demand justice. We will keep protesting until he (Resham Chaudhary) is released. There is a nationwide movement. If Resham Chaudhary is not released, the country will be on fire,’ she threatened. Aliza says that there will be any kind of agitation for the release of Resham Chaudhary.

She warned that she would not tolerate Resham Chaudhary anymore, saying that she had brought flower garlands in the belief that Resham Chaudhary would leave, but the court had made a wrong decision. He should have received justice. An innocent person is in prison. We came with flower garlands saying that there will be good news today. However, it was a very wrong decision. It has been 9/10 years since an innocent man was trapped. How long will I bear now?’, she said. 

She also claims that there is international politics not to release Resham Chaudhary. In her conversation with the media, she was only saying that Resham Chaudhary was innocent. Let’s say she is the court. And only she has the right to decide who is guilty and who is innocent. Just like a new born calf jumps a lot, the enthusiasm of being a new leader is more visible in her.

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