“The case of fake refugees is spreading in Nepal, Prakash Saput singing Nepali songs to Bhutanese people”

Singer and actor Prakash Saput is currently busy on a musical tour of America. After the release of his latest hit song ‘Sakambari’, he jumped into it. After a month of release, the total views of this song have exceeded 2 Crores 57 Lakhs . Now the song is viewed one lakh times daily.

After this song became a hit, Saput gave a clarification from America. However, he remains interested in contemporary politics and social issues. Maybe, this is the reason why he questioned the society through the situation of the Nepali entertainment sector in his last song. It is at this time that the case of fake Bhutanese refugees has become widespread in the country.

It must be a coincidence, while this case is going on, singer Saput is conducting a musical tour among the Bhutanese community living in America. He has argued through tweets that the nationalism of Bhutanese who asked for a country is pure nationalism.

He writes, “When the news of human trafficking by making fake refugees in Nepal is coming, I am singing Nepali songs to the Bhutanese community in America. The nationalism of those who want to give us a country is better than those who say that I don’t have a country while staying in my own country.

Speaking of work, the singer Saput is preparing to bring the second series of the song ‘Bolmaya’, while the film ‘Pardeshi 2’ is preparing to be released in the upcoming Dashain, which he is acting.

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