Singer Bandana’s cancer pain in ‘Jitneko Haso’

Singer Devils Bandana has released a book titled ‘Jitneko Haso’. Senior artists Madankrishna Shrestha and Haribansh Acharya jointly released the book at an event organized in Kathmandu on Thursday.

In the program, artist Shrestha said that the book of Jitneko Haso will become an education for cancer sufferers. He believed that singer Bandana reflected the respect, harmony, love and family discipline shown by her family in the book.

Similarly, artist Acharya congratulated singer Bandana for overcoming a complicated disease like breast cancer. Artist Acharya said that the family will play a big role in defeating the disease and said that this book will inspire other people.

Bhawani Rana, the former president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that women have the power to manage, and said that women have the power to do well in activities outside the home. “If men and women walk together, the nation, society and home will be prosperous,” she said.

At the ceremony, singer Debika Bandana said that she was suffering from breast cancer when the fear of corona infection was increasing and she said that with the help of her family, support and the treatment of senior doctors of Nepal, she was able to overcome cancer.

While reviewing the book published by Book Heal, director and critic Prakash Saimy said that it was a great courage for singer Bandana to publish her past sufferings in the form of a book when it is not customary for singers to write autobiographies in Nepal.

In the book, singer Bandana has portrayed about her ill health, diagnosis of cancer, treatment, courage, musical activities during cancer treatment. During the ceremony, singer Bandana was also given a certificate by the Guinness Book of World Records for recording nearly a dozen songs while suffering from cancer.

Artists Bashundhara Bhushal, Chait Devi, Deepashree Niraula, Nirmal Sharma Gaida and many artists participated in the program.

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