Paul and Pooja received the award together, but did not speak!

Once there was a strong relationship between actor Paul Shah and actress Pooja Sharma. They have worked together on many projects. When actor Paul Shah went to jail, the film ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2’ starring both the actors was released which was produced by Pooja herself.

When Paul was in jail, Pooja visited him several times. Pooja, who even gave an interview saying that he was innocent, was criticized many times because of that. But after coming out of jail, rumors of bitterness between Paul and Pooja kept coming out. The news is also confirmed by the ‘Cine Circle Award’ held on Friday.

In the awards, Paul and Pooja received the award for ‘Best Pardako Jodi’ from ‘Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2’. Pooja and Paul took the stage together for the award. After Paul was released from jail, Pooja and Paul met face to face for the first time in a public event. But they did not speak.

On the stage, both joined and turned to the camera to show the award. However, it was not seen that there was any gossip between them or that both of them exchanged happiness by looking at each other’s faces. After the award ceremony, both returned from the stage and went to their seats. It can be understood that the lack of communication between these two, who are known as Best Jodi on the film screen, is a good fight between the two. While talking to the media after the award, Pooja shared a gossip that she only had ‘hi hello’ with Paul.

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