After 10 years in Australia, the Mongolian Heart resonated

After 10 years in Australia, the Mongolian Heart resonated

Kathmandu- Nepal’s famous band ‘Mongolian Heart’, which went on a musical journey to Australia after 10 years, has held concerts in four places. As per the predetermined schedule, the band started the tour from Melbourne on the 10th of April and finished the concerts in Brisbane on the 13th, Sydney on the 15th and Canberra on the 16th. There was a large presence of spectators at all four places.

The band’s frontman Raju Lama started the performance with the famous song ‘Mero Nepal’ and set the mood on fire as he sang famous songs like ‘Badal Pariko Desh Bata’, ‘Ma Maya Laundin’, ‘Halla Chalechha’, ‘Timilai dekhera’, ‘Parkhaima’, ‘Sayad Timro Bato ma’ and others.

“The audience in all the four places were hooked on the performance, even after 10 years, the love in Australia has not decreased, it has increased,” said Bobby Lama, the band’s manager and guitarist.

According to Lama, there are four concerts left. A concert is scheduled for Friday in the city of Darbin. Perth on the 23rd, passing through Hobart on the 29th and arriving in Adelaide on the 30th will conclude the journey. According to Dipesh Pun, CEO of Nepali Touch Australia, the tour manager, the band’s first concert will be held in Melbourne on the 10th. Then the musical journey will end with Brisbane on the 13th, Sydney on the 15th, Canberra on the 16th, Darwin on the 21st, Perth on the 23rd, Hobart on the 29th and reaching Adelaide on the 30th.

Mongolian Heart debuted in 1992 , the famous singer from this band is Raju Lama. Loved for folk, slow rock, pop melody music, this band has Bobby Lama on rhythm guitar, Santosh Thapa Magar on drums, Kiran Nagarkoti on lead guitar, Pawan Kapali on bass, Binay Maharjan on flute and Baburaja Maharjan on Madal. “After 10 years, when ‘Jyo Jyo’ came out with Mongolian Heart, I was amazed by the love I got from Australia. There is a request from many people, now the next tour should not be done with such a long gap,” Lama said happily.

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